The first use of this website is to have the first list of elements of space.I begin this first list of elements of space and I choose to change the form to a table then make it the first Intel 3d photo cube of the The Space Elements.I have an update.I have the list completed and I am now completing the table thereby completing the first and second stage of this project and then I shall complete the third stage.An update:I finished the third stage.Use the table in space as it is the table that is used in spacesuits in space. , .

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Earthspaceportleadermaster's Futuregraphy Of The Earth

The Earth's 139 Geographic Zones Of Latitude

Due to global warming the temperature variation is approximately 1 degree Celsius for each approximately 144 kilometers latitudinally hemisphereically.The temperatures of H.Sapiens is 44 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius with 37 degrees Celsius as normal.From pole to pole there are 180 degrees of latitude.Latitude is an angle,and is much better than using surface distance(such as km). Because surface is not regular.Going along each meridian, in earth, you'll find different distances, according to how many mountains/depressions you'll find.The crow flying is an abstraction, because if you fly, the km are more (the earth's ray is not constant, but if you fly, it's greater and greater). So the best way is to use angles to draw parallels. Geographic coordinates are measured in angles.So simply using 139 geographical zones makes 180/139= 1.29496402878 which is rounded to 1.295 (fair enough, since it is only meant for representation, and not for precise calculation). So using this result to draw one latitude circle every 1.295 degree of latitude. It does not correspond exactly to 144 kms. (but it shouldn't).CRUTEM4,HadCRUT4,HadSST3 relate especially CRUTEM4 geographical coordinates. calculate further I have chosen the numbers 120 and 19 due to software restrictions then created the calculation 120 divided by 6=20 and 19 therefore 7 sets to input onto this webpage that is one set of numbers.I have no halfway number.Numbering these lines of latitude start from the North Pole and/or the South Pole end at the opposite pole to the pole started at.The first and all 139 lines of latitude (degree(s) of latitude) is I input this way:1 is 1.295,2 is 2.59,3 is 3.885,4 is 5.18,5 is 6.475,6 is 7.77,7 is 9.065,8 is 10.36,9 is 11.655,10 is 12.95,11 is 14.245,12 is 15.54,13 is 16.835,14 is 18.13,15 is 19.425,16 is 20.72,17 is 22.015,18 is 23.31,19 is 24.605,20 is 25.9,21 is 27.195,22 is 28.49,23 is 29.785,24 is 31.08,25 is 32.375,26 is 33.67,27 is 34.965,28 is 36.26,29 is 37.555,30 is 38.85,31 is 40.145,32 is 41.44,33 is 42.735,34 is 44.03,35 is 45.325,36 is 46.62,37 is 47.915,38 is 49.21,39 is 50.505,40 is 51.8,41 is 53.095,42 is 54.39,43 is 55.685,44 is 56.98,45 is 58.275, 46 is 59.57,47 is 60.865,48 is 62.16,49 is 63.455,50 is 64.75,51 is 66.045,52 is 67.34,53 is 68.635,54 is 69.93,55 is 71.225,56 is 72.52,57 is 73.815,58 is 75.11,59 is 76.405,60 is 77.7,61 is 78.995,62 is 80.29,63 is 81.585,64 is 82.88,65 is 84.175,66 is 85.47,67 is 86.765,68 is 88.06,69 is 89.355 ,70 is 90.65,71 is 91.945,72 is 93.24,73 is 94.535,74 is 95.83,75 is 97.125,76 is 98.42,77 is 99.715,78 is 101.01,79 is 102.305,80 is 103.6,81 is 104.895,82 is 106.19,83 is 107.485,84 is 108.78,85 is 110.075,86 is 111.37,87 is 112.665,88 is 113.96,89 is 115.255,90 is 116.55,91 is 117.845,92 is 119.14,93 is 120.435,94 is 121.73,95 is 123.025,96 is 124.32,97 is 125.615,98 is 126.91,99 is 128.205,100 is 129.5.101 is 130.795,102 is 132.09,103 is 133.385,104 is 134.68,105 is 135.975,106 is 137.27,107 is 138.565,108 is 139.86,109 is 141.155,110 is 142.45,111 is 143.745,112 is 145.04,113 is 146.335,114 is 147.63,115 is 148.925,116 is 150.22,117 is 151.515,118 is 152.81,119 is 154.105,120 is 155.4,121 is 156.695,122 is 157.99,123 is 159.285,124 is 160.58,125 is 161.875,126 is 163.17,127 is 164.465,128 is 165.76,129 is 167.055,130 is 168.35,131 is 169.645,132 is 170.94,133 is 172.235,134 is 173.53,135 is 174.825,136 is 176.12,137 is 177.415,138 is 178.71,139 is 180.005.I have determined that 1.295 decimal degrees latitude using the DMS format and the Haversine formula is 1 degree and 17 minutes and 42 seconds and 2.59 decimal degrees is 2 degrees and 35 minutes and 24 seconds and so forth.I welcome Warrior Forum and Freelancer.This a UN voteable website.Understand This Website .We have completed the Age of The Dinosaurs.We are in the Earth Space Age.Both Ages cannot exist together at the same time upon Earth.The best example of the new latitudes and longitudes is the United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland.The internet search for Great Britain and Norther Ireland Latitude and Longitude is decision that I have made is to use the "Extreme points of the United Kingdom" and not the"Extreme points within the UK".All "Extreme points within the UK" together verify the "Extreme points of the United Kingdom".Each must do there own calculations.Here is mine.We all use Wiki so think about it.Note that I do not use GeoHack though I can.I use point Out Stack,Shetland at North Latitude 60 Whole Degrees and 51 Minutes and 37 Seconds or 60.860278 decimal degrees and West Longitude 0 Whole Degree(s) and 52 Minutes and 26 Seconds or 0.873889 decimal degree.This corresponds to latitude 24.Next is the Southernmost point Western Rocks,Isles of Scilly at North Latitude 49 Whole Degrees and 51 Minutes and 0 Second(s) or 49.85 decimal degrees and West Longitude 6 degrees 24 Minutes and 0 Second(s) or 6.4 decimal degrees.This corresponds to latitude 32.The UK has 8 lines of latitude.Correct 1 degree Celsius of 4 degrees Celsius at a time upon Earth.Earthspaceportleadermaster style.I continue with Canada.Northernmost point Cape Columbia,Ellsmere Island,Nanavut at North Latitude 83 Whole Degrees and 6 Minutes and 41 Seconds or 83.111389 decimal degrees and West Longitude 69 degrees 57 minutes 30 seconds or 69.958333 decimal degrees.This corresponds to latitude 6.Southernmost Point Middle Island,Ontario,in Lake Erie at North Latitude 41 Whole Degrees and 40 Minutes and 53 seconds or 41.681389 decimal degrees and West Longitude 82 Whole Degrees and 40 Minutes and 56 Seconds or 41.681389 decimal degrees.This corresponds to latitude 38.Canada has 32 lines of latitude.Correct 1 degree Celsius of 4 degrees Celsius at a time upon Earth.Earthspaceportleadermaster style.I continue with water.First I define water using Wiki.Water changes to ice at 4 degrees from the freezing point of water of 0 degrees Celsius upon Earth.I have told you that 1 degree Celsius at a time for Earth to return to accurate measures of temperature of the Earth is the best strategy globally.I refer to notice that I use the word water in the sentence "I continue with water" I meant I continue with The Earth's 139 Geographic Zones Of Latitude water.I also use .Randomly Lake Superior,Canada and USA. at North Latitude 47 Whole Degrees and 45 Minutes and 0 Seconds or 47.75 decimal degrees and West Longitude 87 Whole Degrees and 30 Minutes and 0 Seconds or 87.5 decimal degrees.Now notice that I only use latitude and Wiki uses points that consist of latitude and longitude like Lake Superior.Wiki can include this knowledge not as service but as reality like the extreme northern and extreme southern coordinates of Lake Superior.Notice that Lake Superior is not on the map.Obviously finding the extreme northern and southern latitudes of Lake Superior is my goal.The wiki information must tell me.Or?I tell you that Latitude 35 and Latitude 38 not using specific longitude to determine these latitudes but only the West Longitude of the center of Lake Superior and notice that I do not use the words 'corresponds to' to determine these latitudes but I did use// .Now you know how I did this I continue with water that has salinity upon Earth and choose to exclude medical water with salt or commonly known as as saline solution because of the dissolved salt in the water.I randomly choose the The Great Salt Lake.North Latitude 41 Whole Degrees and 42 Minutes and 0 Seconds and West Longitude 40 Whole Degrees and 40 Minutes and 0 Seconds.This corresponds to North Latitude 41.7 decimal degrees and 40.666667 decimal degrees.Latitudes 31 and 32 and 33.To be continued.Now I have made an example of land,fresh water,saline water upon earth.My intent is the peaceful and successful life of Homo Sapiens Species and all other life upon Earth in Space.I have noticed that the word Oceans is used instead of Fresh Water and Saline Water together upon Earth here: Vienna Standard of Fresh and Saline Water Upon Earth that is 4 degrees Celsius or 277.15 degrees Kelvin or 69.2875 degrees Kelvin for each 1 degree Celsius that must be corrected for the Vienna Standard of Fresh Water and Saline Water upon Earth to be ACCURATE.I consider the sublimation of water in Space.I need Vienna and the global scientific community to reduce the global temperature caused by Homo Sapiens by 69.2875 degrees Kelvin and I need it now.Once achieved the first international measure of temperature decrease 3 of the same Kelvin temperature measures remain to achieve.Not until all are achieved is ACCURATE achieved.Now continue.I know one method of successfully attaining 69.2875 degrees Kelvin or 1 of 4,simply have electric charging stations globally.Another Kelvin degrees is make global law that electric vehicles must cost less than finite fuel energy source vehicles.I suggest reading this CBC News article: mentions many things that concern me most important of which is the use of Oceans and related ocean currents rather than the Vienna Standard of Fresh Water and Saline Water upon Earth.Also the historic temperature records of Earth that are not measured as divisions of 69.2875 degrees kelvin as I have described.Also that no mention of a method to alter the records reported.All Nations upon Earth having Charging Stations that are distanced upon the Earth based upon the vehicles that need to be charged distance that the Homo Sapiens of Earth can use the energy of until the charging stations are use is necessary replenish that energy globally.Lake Winnipeg is a freshwater lake located in The Province Of Manitoba in Canada at Extreme Northern Latitude 52 degrees and 50 minutes and 0 seconds and Extreme Southern Latitude 50 degrees and 21 Minutes and 35 seconds that is 52.833333 decimal degrees and 50.359722 respectively thus latitude 38 and latitude 41 respectively incisively inclusively latitudes 39 and 40 and 41.Lake Manitoba is similar.The Province Of Manitoba Latitudes are 60.00.00 North latitude and 49.000.00 North latitude.60 North Latitude is 77.7 and 49 North latitude is 63.455 latitude.Update:A message from the webmaster:leadermaster Mr.Murray John Craig Geddes.Use 1.295 degrees latitude and multiples as input for weather calculations.Try : .It is not working I noticed.Try others.This website has been moved from are my new Top Level Domains that I have for sale now with more as soon as possible: , , , https://minerals.space , . , .Go First Peacefully And Successfully Into Space.  "Try it and buy it from the 'Bot' " at website and here is the link .